"The Hearthside House is our home away from home. This lovely house is kept preserved by us, the "friends of Hearthside". As Docents to this Victorian mansion, we have relied on Recollection to keep us dressed in our period clothing, as we welcome our visitors here. No matter what the occasion, dressed in our Recollection fashion, we  have dazzled our guest and friends. Thanks to you for making our experience at Hearthside a true step back in time. "

Lady Estelle T. B. and Kathy H.



"I love the Victorian era and fashions.  I am a re-enactor of the Victorian Lady.

Historical reenactment is a type of role play in  which  participants attempt to recreate some aspects of a historical event or period.

  I have been dressing in Victorian clothes for just  one year. The collection that I have acquired from RECOLLECTIONS are my first. I absolutely love the feeling I get when I put them on. Such  grandeur!

This dress arrive just in time to wear for Christmas. Thanks RECOLLECTIONS  for making me look special on such a special day!"

Lady Estelle

A Modern Day Victorian Lady

































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